We ask for a small yearly membership fee of £10 to help us provide a service to our members. This helps to cover web hosting, domain names, advertising, travel to meetings, promotion and other costs associated with running the RCTA.

In return, we offer a number of incentives which include;-

  • How to apply for a trade licence what you need to do to obtain one. Regulated and unregulated trade licences. Hygiene certificates, environmental health certificates,health and safety, third party liability, insurances needed. If there are any restrictions on advertising signage.
  • New traders liason point of contact.
  • Setting up a new business advice and information.
  • Provide two CRT sanctioned, verified 'Licenced Canal Trader' stickers.
  • Advertising of your business via our website traders pages.
  • Provide information on first steps to setting up a web site and shop for your business.
  • Depending on funds available, advertise on Facebook, in newspapers and magazines, canal related publications, etc.
  • Business card sharing member to member
  • Advice around completing forms for Roving Canal Traders licences.
  • Facebook and Twitter marketting of RCTA members businesses and locations.
  • Advise on trading locations, and upcoming trading events.
  • Advice on incentives for traders available to use, etc.
  • Organise Floating Markets throughout the trading season, including appropriate event insurance, health and safety, marketting (depending on funds available).
  • Represent members at C&RT arranged meetings

 Note: traders window stickers will only be sent to members who hold a current C&RT Trading Licence.

We reserve the right to alter, remove, and add to this list as necessary in the light of changing circumstances

Once you have joined, please ask to join our Facebook page(s):

Facebook members (closed) group

Facebook Roving Canal Traders (public) Group



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