Floating Markets Terms and Conditions

RCTA Floating Markets are organised to give roving canal traders group trading opportunities as well as raise the profile and public awareness of both roving canal traders and of the canals as a whole.


 The number of spaces at each event is dictated by the length of mooring made available by CRT 

Please read the Terms & Conditions below then click on the 'Online Application Form' button below to enter your business/boat details.

(Your booking is not confirmed until we have received both the application form and full payment)


Terms & Conditions

1. All traders must hold a current CRT Trade License.

2. RCTA Members £20 per event, paid at booking.

3. Priority will be given to RCTA Members  - if there are any spaces left two weeks after markets are open to booking, then they will become open to non-members to apply. However, it will be a requirement of booking that traders join the RCTA - please complete a Membership Application and pay the £10 fee prior to booking a space.

4. Cancellation - If any event is cancelled by the RCTA, full refunds will be given.

5. No refunds for cancellations by individual traders will be available. 

6. Reserved mooring dates: We respectfully ask that traders do not arrive and moor before the start of the reserved mooring dates. (note that the named Market Manager may be required to moor prior to the reserved dates, in order to adequately manage the market proceedings). Whilst we cannot enforce this, please be aware that we are protecting the reputation of the RCTA markets, and persistent offenders may be denied booking of any further markets. Trading during the reserved mooring dates, (whether before or after the publicised market dates), is acceptable.

7. Mooring allocation – This will be done objectively and fairly to all by the committee, and a Market Plan will be sent to the traders concerned. The draft of boats, bank conditions of the moorings, width of canal length of boats, split of similar traders, etc, will all be taken into consideration as all can impact on the lay out of the market. The committe reserve the right to change the allocation of moorings if circumstances dictate, and respectfully ask that traders move if required and requested. Again failure to comply with our requests may result in denying entry to any other markets.

8.  There will be no swapping of mooring allocations between individual traders. Any divergence from the planned mooring allocation will be challenged by the Market Manager and a request made to return to the previously communicated mooring plan. 

9. It is expected that all RCTA traders during a floating market will show consideration to local residents, other boaters and traders, and not behave in a manner that could bring the RCTA and its members into disrepute.

10. Following each Floating Market, there will be an opportunity provided to all traders to anonymously give feedback on their trading experience. Any feedback will be taken into consideration when planning future markets.

*Please note. RCTA reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions in the light of changing cirumstances and feedback from members.

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