Catering, floating cafes and home brewing supplies

Here you will find contact details for RCTA members/Roving Traders who specialise in catering, floating cafes, and home brewing supplies.

The Home Brew Boat

nb AreandAre

All you need to brew your own beer, wine, cider and spirits - plus cheese and yoghurt making kits and waterways related greeting cards and framed images

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The Oat Cake Boat

nb que sara sara

Home made Staffordshire oat cakes and refreshments

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Cakes on the cut

nb East of the Sun West of the Moon

Cakes, scones and refreshments


The Pirate Boat

nb The Rum Wench

Plundered and pillaged treasures specifically chosen for being quirky and unique by the pirates and crew aboard The Rum Wench.  Lots of nautical themed toys for the little pirates too, as well as ice creams, freshly baked cupcakes, and themed teas and coffees arrrrrrrrrr 


Felafel Afloat 

nb Arthwyr

Selling very yummy vegetarian/vegan food