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  1. Some Roving traders have been having difficulty getting a winter mooring this year. This is due to the fact that CRT have moved us to a different licence, Business licence. 

    To qualify for a winter mooring you must have been registered as a continuous cruiser as of the 1st june 2014.

    CRT quote "Our winter mooring permits are available only to continuous cruisers registered with us as at 1 June 2014, and new continuous cruisers providing we have evidence you are a new customer. The selected visitor mooring sites (but not general towpath or London permits) will be offered to all our other licence-holders from 1 November 2014 subject to availability."

    The data base has now been updated with all the qualifying RT's. So there should be no issue now with any RT getting a winter mooring. If any body has a problem please contact us.

    The second issue is you cannot trade from a winter mooring. This has always been the case and continues to be. This is due to CRT not having planning consent at winter mooring sites. As a RT we are subject to a 28 day trading limit (per annum) at any one point on the system. (see T&C of RT licence)

    If you apply for a fixed location Winter Mooring you can trade as normal by moving away from the Winter Mooring.

    The issue is now with the General Towpath Winter Mooring which in effect makes all the towpath your winter mooring and as such you cannot trade anywhere. CRT Business team are looking into a solution. So we will keep you updated.

    In the meantime we suggest that if you wish to trade over winter you apply for a Fixed Winter Mooring. Until we can resolve the General Towpath Winter Mooring issue.

    However, you could argue that because the General Towpath Winter Mooring excludes VM's, that trading from one while having a GWMP is acceptable. BUT we offer this advice under the proviso that until CRT clarifies the GWMP you trade on VM's at your own risk.

  2. CRT are asking for your opinions on their Mooring Auction system. Follow the link to CRT's page for more information and how to respond. The closing Date for responses is 3 November 2014.

    "We (CRT) are currently proposing to change the way that we price, allocate and sell our long term moorings to provide a greater range of mooring options for prospective customers.  We are inviting your views on our suggested way forward and to seek ideas on how we might better publicise long term mooring vacancies across our 300 long term mooring sites in England and Wales."

    Details here

    Alternatively there is much outrage amongst boaters concerning the Auctioning off of long term moorings. There is a petition for the consultation to be removed and re issued with the option to scrap the Auction system.

    Details here