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    This summer the Canal & River Trust is launching a campaign to reach new audiences.  It will be encouraging parents and grandparents to help children enjoy ‘real time’ exploring the nation’s waterways.


    The charity has produced an activity guide full of fun and affordable things to do over the summer holidays, many of which are by the water.  As well as creating interest and excitement about the canals and rivers, when people are offered a copy of the guide they also be told about the Trust, the good work it does, and how they can get involved.


    For the first time, the Trust is using a TV campaign to promote the waterways to a wider audience.  The TV adverts will be running on various digital channels during the daytime.  Boaters may see the Trust appearing on channels such as ITV3, ITV4, CITV, Good Food, Sky1, Sky Living, NickToon, More4 and Five Digital, amongst others.  This brings the campaign to the attention of retirees, parents and children at home for the holidays who may be looking for alternative activities to do with their friends and families.


    People will also find out about the packs through posters in washrooms and on trains, promotion on Facebook and via email, postcards on the towpath and adverts in national and boating press.  The campaign will be supported by PR and social media.


    The summer marketing campaign follows the success of spring’s call to keep ducks healthy by avoiding bread, which saw 23,000 people request a ‘quack pack’ and resulted in 1,400 new people signing up to become regular givers.


    Ed Fox, head of communications at the Trust, said:  “Half the population of the country lives within five miles of one of our canals or rivers, and they’re the perfect place to escape to with the family.     Our summer campaign aims to bring the canals and rivers to a whole new audience, using TV, posters and social media as a way of getting their attention.  We hope that people will value their experiences so much that they will decide to support our precious waterways by becoming Friends of the Trust.”



  2. You might have seen elsewhere that CRT have released there offer for winter mooring 2015/16. If you haven’t please see the link below:

    The CRT business team are asking for feedback from traders on what we would require from winter moorings.

    Currently traders are subject to no more than 28days trading at any point on the system within a year. (please see RT's Terms & Conditions)

    Hence, in previous years trading hasn't been allowed on winter moorings.

    It has been suggested that traders are only allowed to book 1 month WM at one place so multiple bookings would satisfy the 28 days.

    Or You sign a declaration that you will not trade for more than 28days while you have a WM

    and provide details of when you have traded.

    Also would you like to be able to book other locations than are on the CRT locations list.


    If you wish to trade from a winter mooring could you please send feedback to us as to how you would like to trade and or any suggestions on how you would satisfy the 28days in any one place.



    Please email your thoughts/suggestions to

    RCTA team