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  1. 31 May 2017

    The Canal & River Trust is reminding boaters on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal to help conserve water.

    We’re doing this because rainfall has been lower than usual this year and our reservoir holdings on the canal are less than we would like to see. 

    Our water team has been monitoring the situation closely and feels that now is the time to remind boaters to conserve water to help us ensure we have enough to supply the Leeds & Liverpool Canal throughout the main boating season. The recent rainfall has helped top the reservoirs up a little but not to normal levels.

    We are continuing our works on leakage reduction and repairs to lock paddles and gates as part of our ongoing maintenance programme of the 200 year-old canal system.  Also, on the Wigan Flight, to prevent unnecessary loss of water through vandalism we’re locking the flight between 8pm and 8am.

    As a boater there are some simple steps you can take to help us conserve water: 

    Two in a lock? - share locks where possible

    ·       Help keep it in – make sure gates and paddles are shut

    ·       If you see inexperienced boaters who need help closing paddles or gates please provide assistance or let our lock keepers know

    ·       If you see any leaks – please tell us about them

    ·       Invite oncoming boats through – don’t empty or fill locks if someone else can make use of the water

    We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you updated. With these simple actions our water reserves will last longer. Our reservoirs can refill quickly if we get a good downpour but every little helps! 

    Best wishes


    Naomi Roberts

    National Press Officer

    Canal & River Trust

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    LS9 8PB

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  2. 26 May 2017


    The Canal & River Trust’s latest Boat Owners’ Views survey shows that boaters satisfaction with its waterways has increased in the past year together with the proportion of boaters who would recommend the charity’s waterways to others and the number who think that the upkeep of the waterways has continued to improve.

    In 2017’s survey 76% of the 1,160 respondents said they were happy with their cruising experience, up from 68% in 2016. The improving trend was also reflected in the numbers of boaters who would recommend the Trust’s waterways to others, which leapt from 69% in 2016 to 78% in this year’s survey.

    There was some regional variation with boaters most satisfied in Wales & Borders and least satisfied in London, perhaps reflecting the influx of boats putting pressure on the Capital’s waterways. London was also the waterway where the fewest number of boaters would recommend the waterway to others – just 39%.

    In general boaters feel they know the charity better (2017: 57%; 2016: 48%) and feel more favourable to the Trust (2017: 59%; 2016: 54%), while there has been a slight increase in the number of boaters who trust the charity to look after the waterways, up from 63% to 65% this year. Opinions about the overall upkeep of the waterways continue to improve, with 77% of boaters rating them OK to excellent (2016: 75%).

    Jon Horsfall, interim head of boating at Canal & River Trust, said: “The Boat Owners’ Views survey gets right to the heart of how boaters are feeling about us. This year it’s great to see that boaters are happier with how things are, and that they would recommend our waterways to others.

    “That’s not to say that there isn’t still work to do. The Boat Owners’ Views survey helps us identify where things aren’t going quite so well – for example in London where the growth in boating has put pressure of moorings and facilities. The work underway to create a mooring strategy for London will help to address many of the concerns that boaters have there.

    “We’ve been listening to the feedback we’ve got from boaters and are involving licence holders in many of our planning decisions. What boaters say really does make a difference and helps us immensely in the work we do – boaters often act as the eyes and ears of the waterways and help us respond quickly to problems so I’d urge anyone with suggestions to get in touch.

    “The survey findings help us focus on the issues that matter most to boaters, for example this year we’re planning on spending £26.9m on dredging and repairs to bridges and embankments. Dredging is planned across the network, at sites including the Macclesfield, Chesterfield, Lancaster and Grand Union amongst others, with a fund set aside for spot dredging. We’re also going to be spending £17.4m on other works including replacing 180 lock gates with a focus on the West Midlands, South East and Manchester & Pennine regions. Your feedback has played an important part in determining this work.

    “We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the results to see what needs to be improved upon and what is working well so that we can continue to focus on improving the experience of boaters.”

    The survey, which was sent to a third of the Trust’s boat licence holders, was carried out by the independent research consultancy BDRC Continental in March and April 2017. It will be repeated each year with the aim of having contacted the majority of boaters on the Trust’s waters in each three-year cycle.

    The Boat Owners’ Views survey report will be published on the Trust’s website in due course.

    Boaters can get in touch with the Trust by filling out a webform, calling 0303 040 4040, tweeting @CRTcontactus or getting involved in a local user forum.


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