Herbs, holistic and alternative therapies

Here you will find contact details for RCTA members/Roving Traders who specialise in herbs, holistic and alternative therapies

The Herb Boat

nb Herbidacious

A huge range of GMO free, non-irradiated and organic herbs, spices, spice blends, recipe kits, herbal teas, bath salts and resin incense. 
Unique kits for making your own gin, bitters, spiced rum, liqueurs,tinctures, lip balms and incense all handmade on The Herb Boat.
Essential oils and aromatherapy items, incense, incense burners, ethically sourced gifts, vegan friendly soaps, and all manner of other lovely and curious things. 


Wild Geese Travelling Emporium

nb Here be Dragons

Trading herbs, oils, and quality vintage china


The Therapy Boat

nb The frog no 1

The therapyboat is a relaxing floating therapy space, offering massage, reflexology and NLP, to benefit health and well-being holistically. Based in Pitstone, the therapy boat attends floating markets, canalside festivals and waterside events from Linslade, Tring, Berkhamsted to Hemel Hempstead.