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The Roving Canal Traders Association (RCTA) is a non profit making organisation run to help support and promote the diverse array of existing and potential C&RT registered roving traders on our waterways. 

The RCTA has been in existence for some years now, and in 2013 held its first ever floating market in Birmingham. It was a great success and fuelled thoughts of making regular floating markets a major feature of the organisations work. 

2014 saw eight such markets at various venues, and things continued to grow under the influence of the previous steering committee. By October 2016 however, it became time for those people to take a well deserved break and enjoy their own trading time on the cut. They passed over the running of the organisation to a new steering committee, made up from elected members and volunteers, whose aim it is to grow the RCTA from its very solid foundations and continue to raise its profile on the waterways. 

In November 2016 RCTA had over 100 members. However with over 300 C&RT registered traders, it's recognised there's much work to do to make the RCTA more appealing and helpful to encourage a larger proportion of traders to join and consequently give the members a stronger voice. 

In December 2016, the first ever RCTA Annual General Meeting was held in Birmingham, with 20 RCTA members in attendance. A Constitution was agreed and signed, and now forms the ongoing structure for the RCTA into the future.

This RCTA website will be updated as new information arises. The website has a mixture of general canal and river news and information, membership details and application forms (and payment), steering group details, newsletter archives, details of forthcoming floating markets, a contact page for any enquiries form both members and non members, and information about RCTA traders.

For members there is a separate login area where you will find relevant content. If you do not have login details, please email web.rcta@outlook.com 

For more information and to book a Floating Market in 2017 (there's 10 of them organised), go to this page (click the link)

Our Facebook groups and pages, and Twitter account, are enjoying lots of new content and attention too. So there's access to information for everybody whether you're a trader, a potential trader or just want to visit some of the events. Please consider joining the Roving Canal Traders Group, which is accessible by all: https://www.facebook.com/groups/canaltraders/

For RCTA members, there is a specific RCTA Facebook Page - just ask to join and once your details have been verified you will be accepted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137291806456287

The main aims of the RCTA continue be:

1) To improve trading conditions & opportunities for all licensed traders through negotiations with C&RT.  

2) To raise public awareness of traders and our waterways in general.   

3) To help and support potential, and existing, licensed traders throughout the waterways.


There are a growing number of traders on the canals selling an increasingly eclectic range of handmade goods and giftware, and a diverse range of products. To read more about individual traders, visit our 'Traders Directory' and be amazed!

The many traders afloat bring diversity to the waterways, and we believe also enhance the publics' experiences and enjoyment. Our aim as the Roving Canal Traders Association is to promote and enhance our unique trading community.

Join us ...

We'd love for you to come and join us, and discover what we can do working alongside you - for you and your business. Email: canaltraders@outlook.com

We also have a Pinterest page to share images of our colourful markets - see below.